A lump or swelling of the testicle

Lumps or swellings in the testicular area are usually not of serious causes. 

You should visit a urologist if: 

• you feel a lump on the testicle; 

• you have a swollen testicle; 

• you notice a change in the shape of the testicle; 

• you find that one testicle is larger than the other; 

• you have persistent testicular pain. 


What to expect in a urology clinic? 

The urologist palpates the testicles and performs an ultrasound examination. In some cases a blood test is also needed. 


Possible diagnoses: 

• hydrocele (fluid around the testicle); 

• varicocele (an enlarged tangle of veins around the testicle); 

• epididymitis (inflammation of the epididymis);

• spermatocele (small cysts in the area of ​​the epididymis); 

• testicular tumors. 


According to the established diagnosis, the next procedure or treatment is determined.