Short bridle or frenulum breve

A short bridle causes pain and discomfort, especially during sexual intercourse. Surgical release of the bridle is recommended. The bridle is cut under local anesthesia and sutured longitudinally with several sutures. The expected bridle extension is about 5 mm. In general, this is a routine outpatient procedure. 


Side effects and possible complications include: 


Common Risks (1:10) 

• swelling, which may last for several days; 

• bridle sensitivity for several weeks; 

• mild swelling of the penis lasting several days. 


Uncommon risks (1:50) 

• an infection requiring antibiotic treatment; 

• mild bleeding, which sometimes requires minor exercise to stop it; 

• imperfect absorption of suture material, leading to removal of material at the outpatient clinic. 


Rarity risks (1: 100 to 1: 500) 

• persistent wound sensitivity; 

• dissatisfaction with the cosmetic result; 

• the need for a complete circumcision in case of insufficient functional result.


What to expect after surgical intervention? 

Wound healing takes about 10 days. Sexual intercourse must be omitted for 6 weeks.